First Visit

Market Street Dental Practice has a particular expertise in treating anxious patients with a fear of dentistry, due to previous bad negative experiences or due to specific phobias. Firstly, we listens to your needs and concerns and depending on these concerns, we develop a plan to help you overcome the fear. We believe in investing the time in truly helping you overcome your dental anxiety and concerns. We are using the Wand to deliver painless infections which can help your anxiety.We are passionate about helping nervous patients achieve the smile of their dreams. It is our core mission and our team is selected for their kindness and empathy.


Meeting with a dentist for the first time can be a daunting experience. Many people avoid seeing the dentist because of fear and anxiety, and visiting a new dental practice could increase the stress. Knowing what to expect can alleviate any fears you may have.

The receptionist should make you feel welcome and answer any questions should you have about treatments or payments..

At your first visit the dentist might want to take x-rays of your teeth. These are used to check for oral health problems that might not have been detected during your initial consultation. Dentists use x-rays to monitor gum disease, oral infections, cavities and even some types of oral tumors, making them a crucial component of your dental care program. X-rays don’t usually hurt and can take as little as a few minutes to complete.

After your initial dental exam if treatment is required you will be provided with a treatment plan . It is important you see your dentist regularly. Research shows that frequent dental visits prevent gum disease, cavities, oral cancer and tooth decay.